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We Buy / Sell / Loan Tools in the Monterey Bay

Whether you’re a mechanic or tradesman who could use more high-end tools for your job or someone looking to complete a project around the house, why pay more for hand or power tools than you have to? Come to Salinas Pawn, Watsonville Pawn, and Seaside Pawn and view our large selection of hand, power, air, electric and/or gas tools that we buy / sell / loan in the Monterey Bay area. We feature tools from many leading brands and varieties!

We also allow you to temporarily pawn your tools as collateral for a pawn loan. We determine your loan amount by the current retail value and the condition that your tools are in when you bring them in. Obviously, the better shape your tools are in and the better the quality of the brand, the higher the cash value or collateral loan amount will be with us.

What Types of Tools Do You Buy / Sell / Loan?

Salinas Pawn, Watsonville Pawn, and Seaside Pawn accept just about any type of industrial or household tools to buy / sell / loan, including:

Power Tools

Air compressors
Belt sanders

Air Tools

Air compressors
Pneumatic sanders
Pneumatic blowers
Air-powered drills

Hand Tools


Trade Tools


Mechanic's Tools

Tire pressure gauges
Alignment tools
Oil filter wrenches
Spark plug sockets

Advantages of Buying / Selling / Loaning Your Tools Here

Buying your tools at a reputable pawn shop such as Salinas Pawn, Watsonville Pawn, and Seaside Pawn in the Monterey Bay area allows you to add to your collection of high-end tools without paying high-end prices, while selling your tools to us makes it easier for you to close a deal on them without having to wait to find the right buyer. Loaning your tools frees up cash for you to pay other bills in the short-term without having to sell them on eBay or Craigslist yourself. We make it possible for you to upgrade or downgrade your tool collection quickly. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about how the process works!

Free Evaluations Available!